Use Weekly Reminders

Keep up with less frequent tasks

Besides the daily routines, you probably have tasks that you perform on a regular basis – just not every day.  To keep on top of these, add them to a list along with an appropriate frequency.

To create the list, perform the following:

  1. With MS To Do open, in the left-side pane, click on +New List.
  2. Rename the list to as appropriate (Other Recurring, Weekly Tasks, Monthly Tasks, etc.), and optionally add an icon.
  3. Use the new item list at the bottom to add the tasks you want to perform on a regular basis.
  4. Click on each item to open the edit pane on the right.
  5. Set a Repeat frequency.
  6. Set the first date that the task should be performed.

These tasks will now appear in the Today tasks (the lightbulb in the top left corner in the My Day view), based on their due date.

A twist on this concept: Recall that Pavlov’s dog demonstrated that the best way to encourage a desired behavior is with irregular reinforcement.  We can put this to practice using our weekly reminders.  However, in this case we change the day around every week. 

For example, consider that your company may require staff to lock their screens before leaving their desks.  To help maintain this, you may perform a weekly walkthrough to verify compliance.  Thus, you set a reminder with a frequency of Weekly.  In this case, after completing the walkthrough change the day of the week for the next walkthrough.  Most importantly, be sure that you report the results of your walkthroughs to the team in a positive way in order to encourage continued compliance.

This is part of a series on productivity using Office 365.

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