Emojis as Visual Cues in OneNote

Clearly designate types of notes when displayed in a list

Still playing with creating notes that are easier to navigate.  One tweak that has my attention at the moment is the use of emojis in note titles. 

Note Listing
Note Listing

Let’s take the example of creating a rough outline within a notebook.  A top-level note would represent a main idea for a paragraph. Developing ideas would become subpages under that note.  With OneNote Windows 16 in particular, sometimes it is hard to see the indentation level in the Notes listing.  It would be helpful to visually differentiate between main ideas and supporting points.

Main and Supporting leading text

One option would be the use of abbreviations or short phrases, such as “Main” or “Supp”, at the front of the Note title.  However, these characters at the front of the title push the other words to the right where they may no longer be visible.

Use of Tags

We could use tags on the title.  Yet, tags do not appear in the notes listing window.  Nor do they appear in search results unless we specify that we are looking for tags.

Use of Emojis

On the other hand, if we use emoji’s we get bright and easily recognized labels that appear in both the note listing and the search results.  An emoji does this while only taking up a single character in the title. I believe emojis are a better choice that inserting a symbol, since emojis include color inherently and do not need color applied.

There are a wide variety of emoji’s available.  However, I am limiting my use to simple shapes – circle, diamond, and triangle.  While I do try to keep the emoji’s use consistent within a single notebook, it can represent different concepts across different notebooks.