Save OneNote Searches

A very rough workaround

OneNote used to have a feature where you could save search results as a OneNote page. However, that feature is no longer in the production version.

I stumbled across a very rough workaround for this. This works best for ON16, since the search results are a bit more compact.

  1. Use the search function to find the pages of interest, such as History > Recent Edits > Since Yesterday…
  2. Expand the window as necessary to see the full list.
  3. Use the Snipping Tool to grab a screen shot of the search results.
  4. Paste the screen shot into a OneNote page.
  5. Optional
    • Right-click the image and select Copy Text from Picture.
    • Paste the text into the OneNote page.
    • Delete the screen shot.

The page list will not be ‘clickable’ per se, however, you now have the page titles. You can now copy the page title of interest and enter that into the search field. The page of interest will come back at the top of the results, within the “In title” group.