About Us

Why We Excel at Procedence

Procedence improves your bottom line and competitive edge by helping your people adapt to new technology. That technology may be software, hardware or even new practices that change the way your company fundamentally operates. Our learning and performance specialists help companies, big and small, discover how to get the best possible return on their technology and personnel investments to differentiate themselves from the competition. We do this by assessing current workflow process, making technology-based recommendations and providing post evaluation of progress and usage of solutions. Not only do our findings, recommendations and follow-up propel our clients’ business, it helps us grow, adapt and constantly provide more efficient solutions.

Why we do what we do

As a nation, our competitive edge has always been the ability to adapt to new technology. This same virtue must remain to maintain our global leadership position. At Procedence, it is our mission to help ensure that continuation happens. We constantly submerge ourselves in the vast process vs. production issues that affect our clients. Plus, our approach to learning how to adapt to new technology is non-threatening and fun, yet practical, and yes, extremely productive.